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Skillz Tackles R. Kelly, Jussie Smollett, Popeyes Chicken Sandwich and More in “Rap Up 2019”

2019 has been a wild year and Skillz has returned once again to wrap-up everything that went down.

On the wild stories of 2019 side, Skillz tackles R. Kelly, Jussie Smollett, Fire Festival documentaries and more. In triumph, you hear about Spike Lee, DaBaby and more.

You can hear Skillz also talk about Cardi B’s drugging of men, the success of Avengers: Endgame, Ayesha Curry wanting male attention, the Popeyes chicken sandwich, David Ortiz being shot, the Starbucks cup in Game of Thrones and more.

You can hear it below.

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Kanye West Responds To Drake Calling Him “Secular”

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Last week Drake sat down with Rap Radar to open up about a bevy of topics that included his beef with Pusha T and Kanye West. Calling Yeezy “secular” and saying West signed Pusha because they shared a dislike for him, Drizzy said if Kanye decided to try him again he’d be prepared to clap back if need be.

Of course, the MAGA supporting rapper from Chicago has responded in a Trumpian manner and during a gathering at a Planet Fitness or something, Yeezy took the mic and addressed Drake’s comments from a religious standpoint.

“I take offense when somebody call me secular. Y’all can look at the domes that we was building, affordable homes, y’all call that bizarre. Y’all can take the picture of me painted it silver, y’all can call that what y’all want… but don’t call me secular. ’Cause secular is trying to say that I’ll do anything for anyone other than Christ. That’s where they got it messed up. That’s where they got it twisted.”

Well, people did have a lot to say when Kanye came out looking like the Tin Man a few weeks back, but that’s neither here nor there.

Still, Drake didn’t necessarily say anything that one would consider disparaging, but these days you never know where Kanye’s head might be at and how he might take things. One day he’ll be saying George Bush doesn’t care about Black people and then the next he’s praising the Racist-In-Chief in the Oval Office while wearing the 21st century red Klansman hat.

Keep in mind that Kanye’s supposedly going to be running for President in 2024. If he somehow wins the Presidency, Drake might be barred from touching US soil for the duration of the Yeezy administration. Scoff at the notion all you want but if Donald Trump won the presidency then anything’s possible. All Kanye has to do is continue to appeal to Christian evangelicals and befriend Vladimir Putin to have a fighter’s chance at being called President West in 2025 and beyond.

Check out Kanye’s rant below and let us know your thoughts on the situation.

Kanye West Was Not a Fan of Drake Calling Referring to Him as Secular

Just cause Kanye has gone Christian you thought he wouldn’t respond to Drake? The tango from 2018 has continued all through this year and is concluding with Mr. West targeting Drake in the most pleasant and Christian way possible.

Drake paid a visit to Elliott Wilson and B.Dot for the Rap Radar podcast where he addressed the Kanye beef and seemingly took the high road.

“God bless him on his new journey, but I don’t even know if he’s ever going to make secular music again or not…I don’t know,” Drake said. “If he turns up on me again, I’ll turn up on him again. I guess that’s what it is. I’m always down.”

But Kanye took it another way, upset that he called his past secular.

“I take offense when somebody call me secular,” Kanye said. “Y’all can look at the domes that we was building, affordable homes, y’all call that bizarre. Y’all can take the picture of me painting it silver, y’all can call that what y’all want.”

“But don’t call me secular ’cause secular is trying to say that I’ll do anything for anyone other than Christ. That’s where they got it messed up. That’s where they got it twisted.”

You can see the clip below and looks like we will get more of these two in 2020.

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Dlux – “Outta Love” (Video)

Dlux is an artist with many talents, that really creates a visual picture with her songs. Most of them seem to be written in mind of future videos for the records. Not too many artists can create music and paint a picture for you, which will make you really see what she is talking about.

This record is something powerful and has a crazy message to it. You can tell that Dlux spoke from the heart on this record.

Dlux falls “Outta Love” on her new single release off her forthcoming EP ‘Elevated’. “Outta Love” touches base on a thing of her past and lays out her future. Dlux confidently claims the first level of her own personal elevation process at this point in her life and relays the message that if you’re picking up red flags, it’s time to let things go, move forward and keep focused.

Click the link or play button below to listen to this masterpiece.

GO!: Angela Rye Confirms She And Common Are No Longer An Item

Source: UNITED STATES – MARCH 1: Angela Rye, founder of Impact Strategies, poses in Washington on Friday, March 1, 2013. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call) 

Celebrity relationships can either go amazingly well or crash and burn. Unfortunately one of our favorite duos did not make it.

Bossip is reporting that Angela Rye and Common are no longer dating. It has been rumored the two had stopped seeing each other for some time but neither had touched on the elephant in the room. On her recent “Kwanzaa Edition: 2019 Year in Review podcast” she finally spoke on the subject when responding to questions from her fans during her #AskAngela segment.

When asked “What happened with you and Common?! I just love to see black love!” the political analyst responded with a very detailed answer that gave insight on why the two went their separate ways.  “What I would say happened is we broke up. We were together for about a year this time and we broke up, I think it was September-ish maybe, because we just want different things” she revealed.

“This was right after the time that I realized I was going to take the second godson, the 9-year-old [Ryan], more often. I had told him about it the day before. We had been talking probably for two months about ‘Let’s see where things go’ because I’m leaning towards ‘I want kids’ and he was leaning towards ‘I don’t know,’ and I think when somebody tells you they don’t know they don’t really want that, they just don’t want to hurt you” she theorized”.

Rye went on to explain that it all boiled down to being at different stages of their respective lives. “For me, I was like, I’m clear, I’m getting clarity around what I want for myself…so the thing that I would say is he is more established in his career a we have a little bit of an age difference and he has a fully grown wonderful human daughter I love, Omoye, in law school so not wanting to start over is a thing.”

According to her they ended things on a good note citing they still will be friendly. ”I remember us having this conversation the day after we talked about Ryan and he said ‘I don’t know if I want to have kids,’ and I said, ‘I don’t know what else there is to talk about.’ I think it was an amicable parting of ways. But we’re very clear about the fact that we were not aligned in those interests. We will always be friends. He’s a really good person. I’m kind of glad you asked this, there’s so many stories about what happens.”

You can see her discuss Common and several other pivotal 2019 moments including the Trump impeachment, Gabrielle Union versus America’s Got Talent and more below.

Photo: Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic

Past Due: Offset Sued By Jeweler, On The Hook For $47,000 Tab

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

You want to head into the new year with all of your bills squared away, that won’t be the case for Offset. A jeweler is claiming the “Clout” rapper owes him some money for jewels he purchased back in 2018.

According to TMZ, Cardi B’s husband owes $47,000 to a popular LA jeweler for some bling he bought over a year ago in October, and, of course, he got receipts.

Per TMZ:

You Can Buy Lamar Odom’s Championship Rings on Auction

When Lamar Odom’s life was on the ropes and he was strapped for cash he pawned his two Lakers championship rings for just a few hundred dollars. According to TMZ, that price has now skyrocketed and will be auctioned off for thousands.

The rings are being sold by Heritage Auctions for $50,000 apiece, a far distance from the price Odom gave them up for.

The gold rings have diamonds on the top and Odom’s face on the side.

You can check out the link here if you happen to have enough in the piggy bank to grab them.

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The Biggest Thing Coming in 2020 is Bobby Shmurda’s Parole Hearing

It’s been 5 years since Bobby Shmurda was first arrested on a laundry list of crimes, but his time in jail could be coming to an end in 2020. The Brooklyn rapper was sentenced to 7 years behind bars in 2016 after pleading guilty to third-degree conspiracy and weapons possession. Shmurda’s parole hearing is scheduled for August 2020, and if his parole is approved, Bobby will be released on December 11.

Bobby’s release may not be of the magnitude of Meek Mill’s most recent return from lock-up that made national headlines and started a dialogue on mass incarceration, but there’s something genuinely Hip-Hop about the story behind Bobby’s case and where he was in his career before he was locked up.

The 25-year-old loyalist was not sentenced alone. Fellow GS9 rapper Rowdy Rebel along with other associates were incarcerated as part of the same case. Rowdy was originally offered 12 years while Bobby was offered 5 years, but prosecutors agreed to give Rowdy 7 years if Bobby added 2 years in his plea deal, a deal that Shmurda accepted. Rowdy is also up for parole in August.

Bobby Shmurda was one of the hottest artists out when he was arrested in 2014. “Hot Ni**a” peaked at number 6 on the Billboard charts setting up success for his follow up single “Bobby B**ch” and launching Rowdy Rebel’s biggest record “Computers.”

Leaving at his height looks like it’s going to benefit him and Rowdy upon release. Meek Mill, Migos, Travis Scott and many more big rappers have kept Bobby in their lyrics and tweets as his release date gets closer. Quavo actually hinted that a GS9 x Migos collab could be coming in 2020.

Also to his benefit, some of the hottest rappers out are from the same NYC borough. Names like Casanova, Young MA, and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie kept the city hot while Bobby was gone setting up a craving for that neo-Brooklyn sound from rap fans.

There will only be 3 weeks left in 2020 when Bobby gets out meaning that it’s more likely we’ll see most of his music released in 2021, but the hype that’ll surround his parole hearing in August and the artists and producers who will want to link with the Epic signed artist will flood social media timelines the entire Fall season.

There won’t be one album release or Hip-Hop news story that will supersede Bobby’s release, and I say this knowing that Lil Uzi Vert is dropping Eternal Atake in 2020, Lil Wayne could be facing consequences for drugs and weapons possession two big events that could shake the culture.

Hip-Hop has been waiting on Bobby’s return and 2020 is the year it happens. Expect more news to come out on his release and music-related plans in the coming months.

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Foxy Brown Addresses DJ Envy Following Interview with Don Pooh

By: Amira Lawson 

The Breakfast Club has done it yet again! The morning show trio is in the headlines again for another one of their interviews following a daring question. Recently, The Breakfast Club had a sit down with music executive and entrepreneur, Don Pooh. Don is credited for bringing out one of Hip-Hops’s iconic female MC’s, Foxy Brown. During the sit down with the morning show, DJ Envy asked Don about the whereabouts of Foxy.

“Whatever happened with Foxy?” he began. “She had a great album and she had another album that came out and it just seemed like just, things just dwindled off.”

Don responded to Envy by saying, “She was doing her thing for a while. She actually put out three albums and then, you know, she’s a mom now. Shout out to her a Baby C. She just fell back a little bit. She had an issue with her hearing so she just kinda fell back. Hopefully, we’re gonna see or hear from her soon.” 

With The Breakfast Club, posting their videos to the Youtube platform, fans are able to see the visual interview between the trio and their guests. Foxy wasted no time in expressing her thoughts on Envy’s comments.

She shared a clip of the interview to her Instagram with the caption, “4 MULTI-PLATINUM ALBUMS F*CK BOY!!! PLAY NICE! GAVE YOU LIFE! She purposely LOW B*TCH! Got injured, bussed back, BIRTHED A GORGEOUS ASS BABY GIRL. C*cksucker 2020 the POP OFF!!!!! AGGY cuz we ain’t do Breakfast Club! D*CKRIDER, let KING B*TCH leave your mouth. Dem #BROOKLYNBOYZ outside! #LIL’DJCLUE.” 

Envy has yet to respond to the female rapper. However, it’s safe to say we know Foxy is not here for the discredit. 

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Clout-Chasing Clown Cop Admits To Lying About McDonald’s Worker Writing “Pig” On Coffee Receipt

Source: SOPA Images / Getty

A clout-chasing police officer in Kansas resigned Monday (December 30) after admitting that a McDonald’s employee did not write the words “pig” on the receipt for his coffee. After the store reviewed the video of the alleged exchange, it was determined that the employee didn’t write anything.

As reported by local outlet The Witchita Eagle, the 23-year-old Herington Police Department officer claimed the employee wrote the insult and the incident was shared with the public via the department’s Facebook page over the before it was deleted over the weekend.

Herington Police Chief Brian Hornaday addressed the developments in a news conference, telling the throng of media that the officer stepped down after first stating that the employee allegedly wrote “f*cking pig” on the receipt. Chief Hornaday, recognized in the conference what how harmful the officer’s actions were in regards to police officers and their image.

“This is now, absolutely, a black eye on law enforcement,” Hornaday said. The chief added that the officer, who was just with the force for two months and was an officer with the U.S. Army, said that the revelation of the insult was meant to be a joke.

Given that tensions between the general public and law enforcement officials are largely strained for a variety of reasons, what the unidentified officer did in the name of humor could have brought down serious consequences on the employees of the McDonald’s in question. Chief Hornaday also all but stated that the officer will never work in that field again.

“Integrity is the one and only sole trait of a police officer that you cannot allow to be damaged,” Hornaday said. “Once you damage your integrity, you’re done. You will not work in this profession ever again.”

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