An Eerie Similarity Exists Between Central Park 5 and The Morningside 1: Still, a Barnard Teen Lies Dead While Authorities Try To Find The Murderer(s)

They arrested the 13-year-old Harlemite within an hour of Tessa Majors murder.

According to police reports, while searching for someone to match the description of Majors’ alleged murderers, officers identified the middle schooler in a W. 119th St. apartment building. The child’s clothing matched what source’s claimed the murderer had on. The 13-year-old was arrested and charged with murder, robbery and weapons possession (he had a knife).

But according to ABC News, they quickly realized that they may have nabbed up the wrong person. Authorities have already released the kid who was picked up for questioning regarding the murder of an 18-year-old Barnard College student. However, during the questioning with the arresting officers… something happened that has Harlemites alarmed.

One… they got him based off his hood uniform, gear that many kids wear, late at night.

Secondly… he started naming folk when the cops came and gripped. Implicating his middle school friends. Admitting he was there and that something happened. But when a lawyer was with him during his interrogation, he didn’t make a statement and the detectives declined to charge him and believed that he was not the one that stabbed Majors.

It is definitely tragic what happened to the freshman. However, we want to make sure that justice is served. And one life is not exchange for another life- or multiple lives.

We want more information. We want to know what is going on because quicking this Morningside 1 could turn into the Central Park 5.

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DNA Claims G.O.A.T. Status… Hard to Debate After #Volume5 Performance

The card was fire.

There were few (if any battles) without replay value and more debatables at the event than anyone would have expected.

First of all, there were three clear wins: Swamp vs. Ace Amin, Tsu Surf vs. Reed Dollaz and DNA vs. Aye Verb. There also were three debatables: Geechi Gotti vs. O-Red, Chess vs. Arsonal da Rebel and Rum Nitty vs. Chilla Jones.

Recapping the battles is not as important as stating why this art form is possibly the most exciting sporting activity of the decade (that is for the Hip-Hop lover). This is not hyperbole and these lyrical athletes are comparable to the extraordinary talent of the NBA, the exhilarating sportsmanship of the NFL and as volatile as any boxing match that HBO or Payperview offers.

But some sort of recap is in order.

Swamp embodies the spirit of NFL rookie and Dallas Cowboy Tony Pollard. No one expected him to take this space by storm… no one expected Swamp to trump buzz heavy Goonies new barker Ace Amin. But he did… he step onto this mainstage and showed his ass. Moreover, he showed everyone that he is ready to be one of those included in the top tier conversation. While we don’t dub people to swiftly, this performance puts him on the way.

Tsu Surf said it in his round. He is electric and you can feel it when you stand in front of him. Reed felt it. It made him shiver. It made him stumble. And as Reed tries to not say it was Surf, something made him drop his bars for a minute… But even without the flub… Surf was able to take the big stage performance and cram it into that small space and opportunity. The word for the performance is beautiful, even if it was not flawless. Reed did well, but not good enough.

DNA went to the island and planted his flag.

“But that is what islands are for; they are places where different destinies can meet and intersect in the full isolation of time.”
―Lawrence Durrell, Bitter Lemons of Cyprus

And Verb has said it often… he is on the island… isolated. His destiny, as a warrior, was indeed to injure battle rap gods. In tonight’s contest, he felt the power of a lyrical clinician and wizard that shifted the narrative that has been the conversation of the last year and a half. DNA was the A-bomb to Aye Verb’s Hiroshima. DNA was Maria to Aye Verb’s Puerto Rico. DNA, with all the cornball jokes around him… with all of the acid that people throw his way regarding his swag…, was the Bermuda Triangle that swallowed up Aye Verb’s Atlantis… which was evident by the lack of bang-bang that Verb got with his legendary “Showtime.”

Aye Verb remains one of the most gifted talents in the industry… tonight… DNA proved that being a lyrical miracle and a cold personality is not always enough to win the battles. Battles are won by being the person that the crowd or observer wants to be… tonight… folk wanted to be DNA.

The debatables were all classic opportunities for these elite artists to push their craft. They all need to be rewatched. Goodness… they were all just so damn good and talented.

Volume 5 (day 1 is over) and this was a day well spent.

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MidWest Artist RoadRunner KB Makes His HHW Debut

Rising rapidly out of the global trap music movement, RoadRunner KB is an emerging hip-hop artist from the mid-west Chicago area. Already on his way up, the young rapper has been released a number of hard-hitting, trap anthems since putting out his debut mixtape “Youngest in Charge” in 2019. He is currently receiving worldwide acclaim for his highly versatile style that gives each song it’s own unique sound and vibe. From the uplifting, feel-good hook of his recently released singles “Demon” & “Sitchy” (via record63), all the way to the infectious, euphoric rhythms of come-up tracks like “Fetish”, both of which has garnered tens of thousands of streams. KB is working on his debut project, due out Spring 2020. His fresh, signature sound that is comparable to the next wave of young rap acts though KB plans to make a lane of his own. 



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Social Media:

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Record label Contact: [email protected]

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South Carolina Rapper Bullet Drops New Visuals From ‘RnB: Redd N Bullet’

Fresh off releasing EPs The Lil Big Homie and Table for 4, Walterboro, South Carolina rapper Bullet releases a new visual for the title track from his upcoming Shawty Redd produced mixtape, RnB: Redd N Bullet.

Check out his previous efforts available on all platforms, and be on the lookout for RnB: Redd N Bullet hosted by Traps n Trunks. Coming Soon.

Meanwhile, check out Bullet’s new visual, directed & shot by StanWithTheVisuals below.

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[New Music] Russ Shares New Song “NIGHTTIME (Interlude)”

Atlanta-based artist Russ is gearing up for a stellar 2020. After releasing a slew of singles, the rapper is set to release his album Shake The Snow Globe on January 31st. The project will include his collaboration with Bia, “Best On Earth”, as well as his previously released track “Civil War.” On Friday, Russ dropped yet another single from that same project, titled“NIGHTTIME (Interlude).”

And when the nighttime comes / We don’t bite our tongues / We gon’ let that shit fly tonight / Singing songs that we love/ Soon enough we make up / We gon’ let that shit die tonight

Perfect for those late night vibes, the song, written and produced by the rapper, showcases Russ’ singing over the sweet melody.

Take a listen to “NIGHTTIME (Interlude)” below.

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[New Music] Usher and Ella Mai Come Together for “Don’t Waste My Time”

R&B singer Usher is known for dropping a handful of hits throughout his career, and his latest song will not disappoint. “Don’t Waste My Time” is a love song featuring the sweet sounds of British star Ella Mai.

The track, produced by Jermaine Dupri and Brian-Michael Cox, shows off the duo’s vocals which pair together so well with the music. And with big names behind the music, you can say it’s definitely giving us some 90’s slow jams vibes.

Good lovin’, no questions / Reach out and you’ll touch me / Bad habits, don’t judge me / Just don’t waste my time

We all know Usher is no stranger to the R&B scene, however Ella is just getting started. After winning a Grammy in 2019 for “Boo’d Up”, the young talent is recognized once again by the recording academy, as her self-titled album receives a nomination for Best R&B Album.

Listen to “Don’t Waste My Time” below.

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[New Music] Travis Barker, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross Team Up for “Gimme Brain”

Travis Barker has reunited with Tunechi and The Boss for another rap-rock mash-up titled “Gimme Brain.”

Barker and Wayne have a long history together, collabing on his 2011 solo project Give the Drummer Some. Barker and Weezy also toured together during the summer for the blink-182 and Lil Wayne North American Tour, that went on despite reports of Wayne quitting the tour multiple times. Their latest effort joins a long list of rap featured tracks that Barker has dropped this year, including features from Machine Gun Kelly and 03 Greedo.

The twerk-bass tune is sure to be a club-banger going into 2020. Take a listen below.

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Evelyn Lozada Announces YouTube Series, ‘LIVING LOZADA UNCUT’

Source: Robin L Marshall / Getty

Evelyn Lozada made her make in entertainment as one of the original members of the Basketball Wives cast members and has been embroiled in an explosive beef with one of her co-stars. Lozada is taking viewers back to the Boogie Down Bronx via a new docuseries, titled LIVING LOZADA UNCUT.

The Blast exclusively reports:

The reality star is launching the series on her new YouTube channel LIVING LOZADA UNCUT. She promises the series will be raw and uncut, giving people a look into how she got to where she is today.

In the sneak peek, Lozada says she is ready to give “a sneak peek into my life, all the way back to Castle Hill. Let’s take a walk back to my old stomping grounds the boogie down Bronx. I am Evelyn Lozada raw and uncut.”

LIVING LOZADA UNCUT debuts December 16 and will air each Friday after for six total parts.

Photo: Getty

Charles Oakley Says Patrick Ewing Wouldn’t Work For Knicks Coaching Job

Source: Jaime Espinoza/ / WENN

Charles Oakley was one of the top enforcers in the NBA and was a force alongside the Patrick Ewing-led New York Knicks but it doesn’t look like the pair are friends. When asked if Ewing would be a good fit as a head coach for the Knicks after the recently-departed David Fizdale, Oak doesn’t think it’d be a good fit.

TMZ Sports reports:

TMZ Sports spoke with the ex-NY star about the coaching vacancy … and, while he lists off a number of ex-Knicks who are qualified for the gig, Ewing ain’t one of them.


“Ya gotta be a different type of coach than Patrick,” Oak tells us. “I think he tried before and they didn’t hire him. So, I don’t know. We’ll see what happens.”

Also, why??

Oak was PISSED at his longtime friend for not having his back during his very public beef with James Dolan … and told us back in 2017, “I’m hurting because he didn’t call in and show love because I had his back for 10 years.”

Oak believes former New York Knicks guard and native New Yorker Mark Jackson would be a great fit. Jackson is currently an NBA analyst who once coached the Golden State Warriors.

Check out the footage below.

Photo: WENN

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