Issa Rae Becomes The Voice Of The Google Assistant

By Symone Daniels

Issa Rae is expanding her resume! The Insecure writer, producer, and actress is now the voice of Google Assistant. In a tweet announcing her latest accomplishment, Issa rights, “I’m the new voice of the Google Assistant! Uh, What? Say “Hey Google,” #TalkLikeIssa” and I’ll answer your questions, tell jokes and even give you compliments. Try me!

In the nine-second ad, Issa says, “You can still call me your Google Assistant, now I just sound extra fly followed by her laughter.

According to Google, You’ll also hear Issa’s voice when you’re in the mood for a joke or when you’re seeking motivation. Here are a few ideas to get you started  with asking your Assistant, “Hey Google” “Do I need an umbrella today?”Tell me a secret.”What do you think of me?”Give me a quote from Issa Rae.”Sing a song.”

“Tell me a joke.”Or ask, “Mirror talk” or “How do I look?” for confidence-boosting affirmations.

Issa stays booked and busy. As we previously reported Issa along with Chef Gavin are executive producers of Butter + Brown

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